LithoVue Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope System

Organization: Boston Scientific Corp.
Year: 2016

The Boston Scientific LithoVue Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope System is a first of its kind single-use flexible ureteroscope providing high-quality visualization and seamless navigation helping urologists access, diagnose and treat conditions of the urinary tract. LithoVue eliminates reusable ureteroscope limitations, like patient infection risk while being cost-effective and driving greater global utilization of ureteroscopy. The LithoVue is utilized for minimally invasive endoscopic procedures to diagnose and treat stones and other conditions of the kidney, ureter and bladder. The ureteroscope enables delivery and use of accessories through the 3.6 French working channel, such as biopsy forceps, laser fibers, guidewires, graspers and retrieval baskets to the surgical site while providing simplification for the maintenance of equipment.