KT-100 Katana Analyzer

Organization: Rigaku Analytical Devices
Year: 2016

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of modern metal production KT-100 Katana Analyzer was purposefully engineered to provide the means for rapid and accurate alloy grade identification and elemental composition verification. This device utilizes the latest handheld technology trend, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). Exceptionally suited for measuring light alloying elements critical in many aluminum alloy grades, such as magnesium, silicon or lithium, KT-100 is at the forefront of technological development. Additionally, the KT-100 Katana is the only handheld metal analyzer to have achieved the United States Military Standard MIL STD 810G and IP-54 dust and moisture ingress protection certification because its ergonomic design was optimized and ruggedized for use in the harshest industrial environments. The pistol shaped, handheld KT-100 provides a simple user interface that enables the user one-hand operation for on-the-spot accurate alloy grade identification and elemental composition verification with just the pull of a trigger, with results in only 2 seconds.