Dow ACCUTRACE S10 & Falcon Calidus CS

Organization: The Dow Chemical Co.
Co-Developer(s): Falcon Analytical
Year: 2016

Dow launched ACCUTRACE S10 fuel marking technology to empower governments to fight back against crimes that can cost European nations billions in lost tax revenue and inflict serious environmental damage through associated hazardous waste dumping. The Dow ACCUTRACE S10 & Falcon Calidus CS technology can be added in very small quantities to tax exempt fuels (e.g., farm diesel) and enables governments to ensure fuel is not misused in a tax protected application. Fuel marked with ACCUTRACE S10 is invisible to visual detection, which shows both marked and unmarked gasoline. This makes it extremely difficult to determine the efficacy of any potential laundering method to remove ACCUTRACE S10 from fuel, giving law enforcement an additional advantage in enforcement efforts.