Organization: Laser and Plasma Technologies L.L.C.
Year: 2016

CorSense is a handheld non-destructive video imaging instrument engineered to penetrate coating systems to visualize subsurface corrosion.  The integrated system can be used on a variety of substrates and for a range of military and industrial applications.  Examples include commercial and military aircraft, structural health monitoring, pipelines, automotive, ships, etc.

The current method of corrosion inspection of aircraft relies on paint/coating removal with unaided eye inspection, lending to low reliability, structure failures and high costs. With this in mind, CorSense was developed to offer a highly accurate, reliable and non-destructive integrated system that allows users to visualize corrosion through a coated surface in real time.  The system has advanced software for image enhancement, data storage and wireless data transmission.  It is light-weight, battery operated and ruggedized to meet military specs for field use.  The product overcomes many current issues of corrosion detection by reducing the time of inspection while increasing the accuracy and reliability of defect detection in even the most difficult to examine areas.  Early and accurate corrosion detection with this instrument prevents structure compromise, increases safety and provides an overall cost saving to users.