Containerized Bio-Containment System

Organization: MRIGlobal
Co-Developer(s): HHI Corp., GPA Services L.L.C., U.S. Department of State, The Paul G. Allen Ebola Program
Year: 2016

The Containerized Bio-Containment System (CBCS) is uniquely engineered to support and facilitate the safe transport and treatment of patients infected with highly contagious pathogens while safeguarding the medical staff, flight crew and the aircraft. The CBCS built upon years of bio-containment knowledge to provide a solution that maintains containment even in the event of emergency landings or mid-air rapid decompression events to assure the medical staff and flight crew of their safety at all times. Development of the CBCS required combining the challenges of bio-containment and flight worthiness requirements while meeting a short 191-day development cycle. The development team incorporated lessons learned from the recent Ebola outbreak and the collective expertise of bio-containment, custom fabrication and R&D experts to deliver an extensively analyzed and experimentally validated system in the abbreviated timeline.