BI-4500 Surface Plasmon Resonance

Organization: Biosensing Instrument
Year: 2016

The BI-4500 Surface Plasmon Resonance is a new SPR system that implements significant advancements in microfluidics and instrument design to bring the advantages of an open architecture and high throughput to end users performing drug design research, materials science, biosensing, and food/environmental safety applications. The cost-effective BI-4500 system’s 5-channel microfluidics and Autosampler option save researchers both time and money by accommodating as many as 768 samples, obtaining 5 data points per run, and operating unattended for more than 48 hours.

The BI-4500 system’s innovative open architecture expands traditional SPR application frontiers by combining SPR technology with electrochemistry or chemical vapor sensing. Studies of conformational changes in proteins as well as unprecedented utility for applications such as point-of-care biosensors and food/environmental safety research are now possible thanks to the BI-4500 system’s novel analysis modules. These analysis modules are easy to access that end users can exchange the system’s microfluidics components on their own.