BGA244 Binary Gas Analyzer

Organization: Stanford Research Systems
Year: 2016

The BGA244 Binary Gas Analyzer can measure the ratio of two gases in a binary mixture or the purity of a single gas. It contains a comprehensive database of nearly 500 different gases allowing measurements on more than 50,000 different mixtures. The accuracy depends on the gas species being measured, but is typically better than 0.1 percent. The BGA244 uses a color touchscreen LCD for configuration and to display measurements. The product can also be controlled over USB, RS-232 and RS-422 computer interfaces. Multipurpose analog inputs and outputs allow control and monitoring of external devices. Two user-defined relays are available for process control applications. The BGA244 operates at pressures from 5 to 150 psi with flow rates from 0 to 5000 sccm.