Battery ISC Device

Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Co-Developer(s): NASA
Year: 2016

The newly patented Battery ISC Device is the first mechanism able to accurately simulate a true internal short circuit within a battery cell, providing researchers with reliable data to determine how the size, resistance and location of an internal short circuit will impact reactions—from most severe to benign—across a variety of battery designs. In addition, it is the only precise method for evaluating cell-to-cell propagation in a battery module. There is a critical need for this breakthrough in safety diagnostics, as well as the NREL device’s advantage over all other existing testing methods. Lightweight, compact and high-energy density Li-ion batteries are used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, airplanes and even astronauts' spacesuits. At the same time, internal short circuits in these batteries can lead to overheating.