Organization: AcuTech Scientific Inc.
Year: 2016

The AcuScan1500 is designed to allow multiple forms of sample to be loaded onto the universal sample tray mounting platform that is driven by a pair of precision lead screws to a location defined in the method. The focusing depth into the sample is optimized to obtain a reproducible maximum spectra intensity. A computer driving Raman optical detection and spectra handling system is used to detect and save Raman spectra for spectra comparison to a Raman spectra library data for identification. A spectra deconvolution software is also provided for spectra intensity comparison and calculation of sample component concentration or amount. The short-term goal is to offer an analytical tool for fast screening of food contaminants, counterfeits, gemstones, explosives and raw chemicals. The long-term goal is to substitute HPLC for Drug QA and QC for total batch product content uniformity testing and for elimination of the use of toxic organic solvent to protect the environment.