2100 Liquid Conductivity Meter

Year: 2016

For decades, electrical conductivity of liquids has been a workhorse technique in aqueous systems.  For the first time, the Model 2100 Conductivity Meter and its associated smart probes with its milli-S/cm to femto-S/cm, 12-decade range, enable these techniques to be applied to any solvent system for the determination of electrical properties, total dissolved solids, solvent purity, titrations, clean-in-place applications, synthesis and formulation processes, etc.  This enabling technology finally brings these techniques to industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industrial chemicals, paint and ink, personal care, food science, etc., where non-aqueous systems are common. The NIST traceable, factory calibrated probes, each with an invariant cell constant that is accurate over its entire 8-plus decade range makes the 2100 unique in the field of conductivity meters, allowing it to accurately follow processes through many decades of conductivity. This is an important advance over traditional conductivity probes, which require calibration every decade.