Fast Vacuum for Next-Gen Processes

Organization: INFICON
Co-Developer(s): Christian Berg, Principal Developer, Hansjakob Hanselmann, Principal Developer, Felix Mullis, Principal Developer, Wilfried Egger, H. Christoph Gehlhar, Pascal Good, Andy John, Lisbeth Kohler, Marcel Riedener, Philip Spring, Daniel Vogel
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner The semiconductor industry is starting to adopt rapid processes that require pressure values processed in as little as 0.5 msec, yet produce low noise. This performance is needed to build chips that generate less heat, run cooler and need less cooling resources.

Speed and noise improvements, available in INFICON’s new Stripe CDG capacitive diaphragm gauge, fulfill the requirements of this next level of structure reduction in the process industry. Stripe CDG delivers total vacuum pressure measurements every 0.33 msec. The pressure transformation runs at the same rate in the first step of data processing. A newly developed filter algorithm combines various separate filter technologies and gives a noise optimized signal with a signal-to-noise ratio of higher than 10,000 at full scale. The second step of data processing prepares for the digital output and the analog output. Thus, a new pressure value is available 0.33 msec after pressure change.

This fast performance is based on ceramic cell technology and fast capacitive-to-digital conversion. INFICON chose a completely different digitation method: time-to-digital conversion (TDC). The ceramic pressure sensor combined with a customized fast digital signal processor gives the signal stability and a targeted conversion speed.

Technology Capacitive diaphragm gauge


Development Team

INFICON's Stripe CDG development team. Front row (l-r): Daniel Vogel, Lisbeth Kohler, H. Christoph Gehlhar, Hansjakob Hanselmann, Marcel Riedener and Wilfried Egger. Back row (l-r): Pascal Good, Philip Spring, Christian Berg, Andy John and Felix Mullis.










The Stripe CDG Development Team from INFICON Christian Berg, Principal DeveloperHansjakob Hanselmann, Principal DeveloperFelix Mullis, Principal DeveloperWilfried EggerH. Christoph GehlharPascal GoodAndy JohnLisbeth KohlerMarcel RiedenerPhilip SpringDaniel Vogel