Saving Childrens’ Lives

Organization: Stratos Product Development, Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global Good
Co-Developer(s): Kurt Armbruster, Principal Developer, Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global Good, Don Baumgarter, Principal Investigator, Stratos Product Development, Ian Blanch, Stratos Product Development, Christine Glaister, Stratos Product Development, Zihong Guo, Intell
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Globally, 22 million infants aren’t receiving basic vaccines and 1.5 million children will die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases before they reach age five. This challenge is further complicated by the fact that most vaccines must be refrigerated, and more than a billion people globally don’t have reliable access to electricity. Vaccination rates are lowest in remote and rural locations. As part of Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good program, Intellectual Venture Labs (IVL) approached Stratos Product Development for help in developing an insulated container to strengthen and extend vaccination services in developing countries. The Passive Vaccine Storage Device was the result.

Designed to keep vaccines at the appropriate temperatures for a month or more on a single batch of ice, the device can store up to 300 doses of vaccines or enough to serve a community of 6,000 for more than a month. It’s comprised of a ruggedized vacuum-insulated container, ice blocks and a telemetry module. The ultra-low power system is designed for ease-of-use via unique capacitive touch inputs and a graphic LCD display. Vaccines are stored in three "stacks" comprised of interlocking "cups" optimized for the vaccine schedules of specific countries. The IPX-rated device can be easily transported by regular vehicles, carried by two people or transported with animal assistance.

Technology Vaccine storage device

DevelopersStratos Product DevelopmentIntellectual Ventures Labs/Global Good

Development Team

The Passive Vaccine Storage Device Development TeamKurt Armbruster, Principal Developer, Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global GoodDon Baumgarten, Principal Developer, Stratos Product DevelopmentIan Blanch, Principal Develope, Stratos Product DevelopmentChristine Glaister, Principal Develope, Stratos Product DevelopmentZihong Guo, Principal Developer, Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global GoodBrent Harrison, Principal Develope, Stratos Product DevelopmentStephen Harston, Principal Developer, Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global GoodJohn Hoskyn, Principal Develope, Stratos Product DevelopmentTola Marts, Principal Developer, Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global GoodPatrick Mendiuk, Principal Develope, Stratos Product DevelopmentJoseph Ullman, Principal Develope, Stratos Product DevelopmentChris Zhang, Principal Develope, Stratos Product Development