LEDs Challenge Xenon Lamps

Organization: OSRAM GmbH, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc., T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.
Co-Developer(s): Kai Franz, Principal Developer, OSRAM GmbH, Markus Stange, Principal Developer, OSRAM GmbH, James Avallon, OSRAM Sylvania, Matthias Bruemmer, OSRAM GmbH, Jasmine Chang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd., Boson Chen, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd., Anson Cheng, T.Q. Tech
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Physicians and scientists have two major options when it comes to solid-state lighting for applications in fiber optics: conventional lamps, using xenon gas, or LEDs. The light sources, which may be used for tasks ranging from endoscopy in medical settings or borescopy for jet engine inspection, must generate light output with high luminance in order to couple sufficient light into the used light fiber of 5 mm in diameter or even smaller. Until recently, LEDs couldn’t generate the light output needed to fully compete with 300-W xenon lamps. But OSRAM GmbH, Osram Sylvania and T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. have jointly developed a new white-light LED module based on laser technology: the ITOS PHASER 3000. Designed for light sources using fibers about 5 mm in diameter, the system generates non-modulated white light at a nominal (80% of maximum) level of 2,100 lumens and three times higher luminance than common competing LED options. The light output at the distal end of an endoscope truly matches the same performance as when using a typical 300-W xenon lamp, which are the most commonly used type for this application.

ITOS PHASER 3000 lasts up to 30 times longer than xenon lamps. It generates significantly less heat and therefore also less fan noise when cooling the system. Specifically in endoscopy applications it is of advantage that the light output is free of infrared or ultraviolet light, reducing the impact on the patients tissue during surgery.

Technology White-light LED module

DevelopersOSRAM GmbHOSRAM SylvaniaT.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.

Development Team

Alan Lenef, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Alex Wang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. Andreas Kohlhund, OSRAM GmbH Anson Cheng, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. Bastian Dobler, OSRAM GmbH





Boson Chen, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. Chris Tarry, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Christian Swarlik, OSRAM GmbH Erica Hung, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. Georg Forster, OSRAM GmbH





Henning Rehn, OSRAM GmbH Huan-Ping Chiu, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. James Avallon, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Jasmine Chang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. Jesse Huang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.





John Kelso, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Josef Osterried, OSRAM GmbH Kai Franz, OSRAM GmbH Kai Wang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd. Karl Roeder, OSRAM GmbH





Kathleen Lawson, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Markus Stange, OSRAM GmbH Matthias Bruemmer, OSRAM GmbH Maxim Tchoul, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Michael Schoewel, OSRAM GmbH





Nico Morgenbrod, OSRAM GmbH Peter Kaps, OSRAM GmbH Rainer Seidel, OSRAM GmbH Sascha Finkel, OSRAM GmbH Stefan Hadrath, OSRM GmbH





Steffen Pinno. OSRAM GmbH Steffen Rusch, OSRAM GmbH Ulrich Hartwig, OSRAM GmbH Yi Zheng, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc. Ingo Schmidt, OSRM GmbH George Anderson, OSRAM Sylvania Products Inc.









The ITOS PHASER 3000 Development Team Kai Franz, Principal Developer, OSRAM GmbHMarkus Stange, Principal Developer, OSRAM GmbHGeorge Anderson, ORAM SylvaniaJames Avallon, OSRAM SylvaniaMatthias Bruemmer, OSRAM GmbHJasmine Chang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Boson Chen, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Anson Cheng, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Huan-Ping Chiu, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Bastian Dobler, OSRAM GmbHSascha Finkel, OSRMA GmbHGeorg Forster, OSRAM GmbHTobias Gleitsmann, OSRAM GmbHStafan Hadrath, OSRAM GmbHUlrich Hartwig, OSRAM GmbHJesse Huang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Erica hung, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Peter Kaps, OSRAM GmbHJohn Kelso, OSRAM SylvaniaAndreas Kohlhund, OSRAM GmbHKathleen Lawson, OSRAM SylvaniaAlan Lenef, OSRAM SylvaniaOliver Mehl, OSRAM GmbHNico Morgenbrod, OSRAM GmbHJosef Osterried, OSRAM GmbHSteffen Pinno, OSRAM GmbHHenning Rehn, OSRAM GmbHKarl Roeder, OSRAM GmbHSteffen Rusch, OSRAM GmbHIngo Schmidt, OSRAM GmbHMichaek Schoewel, OSRAM GmbHRainer Seidel, OSRAM GmbHChristian Swarlik, OSRAM GmbHChris Tarry, OSRAM SylvaniaMaxim Tchoul, OSRAM SylvaniaAlex Wang, T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.Kai Wang, T.Q.Technology Co. Ltd.Yi Zheng, OSRAM Sylvania