A Micro Step Forward

Organization: INFICON
Co-Developer(s): Teresa Kristoff, Principal Developer, ChingYue Yeung, Principal Developer, Karthi Amalashekaran, Derek Arnold, Shawn Badgley, Katherine Bartholomew, Christopher Brooker, Samuel Carroll, David Everett, Steve Gressel, Yougeng Guan, Steven Hisel, Timothy Hou
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Micro GC technology is a proven technology for gas analysis in laboratory, pilot plant and field applications. The principle benefit of Micro GC over a traditional benchtop gas chromatography (GC) is speed of analysis. INFICON’s temperature-programmable Micro GC Fusion has further improved the Micro GC speed advantage, cutting the average analysis time over an isothermal Micro GC in half.

The Micro GC Fusion achieves this improvement through fast temperature ramping on capillary columns and a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) micro-thermal conductivity detector (TCD) that offers a 1 ppm detection limit and is 10 times more sensitive than a traditional TCD. The temperature-programmable GC column focuses late eluting peaks, providing advanced control over peak resolution and a significant sensitivity gain for heavier hydrocarbons. Based on a modular GC design, with each module comprised of a MEMS injector, a temperature-programmable GC and a MEMS detector, the modules can be custom configured to meet specific application needs. The instrument can be outfitted with one or two modules for analytical flexibility and the sample is run in parallel to optimize analysis speed. Modules can easily be exchanged onsite in minutes to adapt to new applications or perform maintenance. The instrument operates using Web-based software and is equipped with a front panel touchscreen and wireless network protocol.

Technology Micro gas chromatography system

DevelopersINFICON Inc.

Development Team

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INFICON's Micro GC Fusion development team. Front row (l-r): Teresa Kristoff, Chris Maxwell, Katherine Bartholomew, David Everett, Shawn LaRiviere, Yougeng Guan and Karthi Amalashekaran. Back row (l-r): ChingYue Yeung, Bryan Richmond, Steve Gressel, Timothy House, James Linko, Samuel Carroll, Pierre Wellner and Shawn Badgley.















The Micro GC Fusion Development Team from INFICON Teresa Kristoff, Principal DeveloperChingYue Yeung, Principal DeveloperKarthi AmalashekaranDerek ArnoldShawn BadgleyKatherine BartholomewChristopher BrookerSamuel CarrollDavid EverettSteve GresselYougeng GuanSteven HiselTimothy HouseDebbie HuttShawn LaRiviereJames LienhartJames LinkoChris MaxwellBryan RichmondLes VollesJerry WanderPierre Wellner