Synching Water Quality Results

Organization: Industrial Test Systems
Co-Developer(s): Mike McBride, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner With the capacity to test over 30 of the most critical water-quality parameters across multiple industries through a four-step process, Industrial Test SystemseXact iDip is the first water testing photometer that provides seamless data transmission and live syncing of test results using Bluetooth at an affordable price.

The eXact iDip handheld photometer communicates with the iDip App on a corresponding smart device via a power-efficient wireless Bluetooth Smart connection. The app is used as the main control panel for all pre- and post-test functions. In order to begin testing, users fill the 4-mL built-in cell with the water sample. Users then introduce the appropriate eXact Reagent strip into the water sample for 20 sec, which releases the chemical reagent that reacts with the analyte in the sample tested and causes a color change. A specific wavelength LED passes a beam of light through the water sample to a receiving sensor on the opposite side. The receiving sensor then detects the percentage of light transmitted (%T) through the sample and relays this value to the iDip App. The app converts (%T) into the appropriate unit value that corresponds to the selected testing parameter and the new unit value is sent back to the photometer and displayed on the LCD screen.

Technology Water testing photometer

DevelopersIndustrial Test Systems

Development Team

The eXact iDip Development Team from Industrial Test Systems Mike McBride, Principal Developer