An Analytical Balancing Act

Organization: Mettler Toledo
Co-Developer(s): Marc Blöchlinger, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Mettler Toledo’s XPE205 analytical balance provides unique performance in analytical weighing and support for the highest requirements for safety, efficiency and ease of compliance. These balances feature two quality management features, the StatusLight and StaticDetect, which take the worry out of weighing and provide users with a high level of trust in their results. StaticDetect detects electrostatic charges on a sample and warns users of any weighing error measured. StatusLight features a LED light embedded in three sides of the balance terminal for optimal visibility, providing at-a-glance information on the balance’s readiness for weighing tasks.

The balance also features new RFID functions, the EasyScan and SmartSample, which introduce a safe and easy way of pipette performance testing via RFID-tagged pipettes and sample prep for titration applications via RFID-tagged sample containers. The EasyScan RFID reader-writer can be clipped to the side panel of the balance and read the serial number and calibration data on RFID-tagged pipettes. In combination with the embedded software, it helps to perform a gravimetric pipette routine test. The SmartSample is a RFID reader-writer that reliably identifies titration samples in RFID-tagged beakers on the balance. The sample data is written to the RFID tag and then the sample is manually transferred to the InMotion Autosampler where the RFID-tagged beaker is identified and further processed.

Technology Analytical balance

DevelopersMettler Toledo

Development Team

The XPE205 analytical balance Development Team from Mettler Toledo Marc Blöchlinger, Principal DeveloperChristoph Jung, Principal Developer