Getting to the Depth of Cell Culture

Organization: EMD Millipore
Co-Developer(s): Nripen Singh, Principal Developer, Sherri Davis, Luke Fleming, Ben Goodberlet, James Hamzik, Dawn Kaufmann, Josh Kienert, Patti Krueger, Holly Magdanz, Bob Menzies, Heather Mullins, Steve Nieland, Michael Peck, Rick Thyssen, Rob Tinkham
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner The current evolution to high cell density and high-product titer cell cultures is placing a larger burden on traditional downstream clarification and purification operations. To alleviate this bottleneck, various types of pretreatment are employed to make the clarification process more efficient. Pretreatment is accomplished either through the reduction in pH of the feed stream (acid precipitation) or through the addition of a cationic polymer.

When either of these methods is used, a shift in particle size distribution of the feed stream occurs, making conventional depth filtration inefficient. This can result in large depth filtration installations which may be difficult to fit into existing facilities or new facilities where footprint is limited. EMD Millipore’s Clarisolve depth filters are specifically tuned to the particle size distribution of various pretreatment methodologies enabling a fast and efficient way to clarify high-density streams and easily transfer processes from upstream to downstream without the use of centrifugation.

The Clarisolve includes graded layers having various pore ratings with the application in primary clarification for polymer and chemically treated flocculated feeds and directed toward disposable primary clarification process. The material construction is non-woven polypropylene and wet laid media comprising of cellulose and diamataceous earth.

Technology Depth filter

DevelopersEMD Millipore

Development Team

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EMD Millipore's Clarisolve development team: Ben Goodberlet, Rob Tinkham, Dawn Kaufmann, Heather Mullins, Bob Menzies, Luke Fleming, Josh Kienert, Steve Nieland, Holly Magdanz, Patti Krueger, Sherri Davis and Rick Thyssen.












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EMD Millipore's Clarisolve development team (l-r): Michael Peck and James Hamzik.











The Clarisolve Development Team from EMD Millipore Nripen Singh, Principal DeveloperSherri DavisLuke FlemingBen GoodberletJames HamzikDawn KaufmannJosh KienertPatti KruegerHolly MagdanzBob MenziesHeather MullinsSteve NielandMichael PeckRick ThyssenRob Tinkham