A Solid Chromatography Column Solution

Organization: Waters Corporation
Co-Developer(s): Kevin Wyndham, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Due to the nature of their morphology, solid-core particles hold the potential for higher efficiency when compared to fully porous particles of a similar particle size. As observed and noted in many journal articles, previous attempts to pack sub-2-µm solid-core particles in narrow column diameter hardware resulted in less than optimal results and sub-par efficiency.

Waters Corp. has designed CORTECS 1.6 µm Columns to pair seamlessly with UPLC system technology to deliver the highest performance yet for reversed-phase and HILIC separations. CORTECS features a new, patent-pending charged surface modification that improves the peak shape and loading capacity of basic analytes when run in low-ionic strength acidic mobile phases, such as 0.1% formic acid. Such mobile phases are preferred when using electrospray mass spectrometry detection. The efficiency of the CORTECS column at 1.4 mL/min is the same as that of the fully porous column at 0.45 mL/min. Operating at a higher flow rate on a CORTECS column allows analyses to be completed in a shorter time without sacrificing resolution or data quality.

Through optimized particle design, low-dispersion column hardware and expert column packing, when paired with low bandspread instrumentation, CORTECS 1.6 µm Columns elevate the performance of sub-2-µm solid-core particles.

Technology Solid-core chromatography columns

DevelopersWaters Corp.

Development Team

The CORTECS 1.6 µm Columns Development Team from Waters Corp. Kevin Wyndham, Principal Developer