Faster Peptide Synthesis

Organization: CEM Corporation
Co-Developer(s): Jon Collins, Principal Developer, Shea Carnes, David Herman, Michael Karney, Joseph Lambert, Keith Porter, Sandeep Singh, Alicia Stell, Grace Vanier, Eric Williamson
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Peptide and protein therapeutics are important drug candidates due to their ubiquitous nature as biological molecules, as well as their ability to control all aspects of cellular function along with many facets of intercellular communication. CEM Corp.’s Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesizer will streamline the peptide synthesis process for pharmaceutical, biotech and academic researchers, enabling them to produce peptides for drug discovery and studies in the field of life sciences in a manner that is more efficient, cost effective, faster and better for the environment.

The Liberty Blue utilizes a high-efficiency solid-phase peptide synthesis (HE-SPPS) process that allows peptides to be synthesized in higher purity, up to six times faster than first-generation microwave peptide synthesizers and 25 times faster than in a conventional system and with a 90% reduction in solvent usage. The instrument features 31 chemical reservoir positions, of which 29 are added by Flex-Add pressure-based delivery technology. It is operated by a PC software package which allows users to specify a desired peptide sequence, calculate reagent usages, print reports and customize any method conditions needed for the synthesis. The software also features self-diagnostics and automated cleaning routines. These advantages allow peptides to be synthesized within an hour, instead of one day.

Technology Automated microwave peptide synthesizer

DevelopersCEM Corp.

Development Team

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CEM Corp.'s Liberty Blue Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer development team.











The Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesizer Development Team from CEM Corp. Jon Collins, Principal DeveloperShea CarnesDavid HermanMichael KarneyJoseph LambertKeith PorterSandeep SinghAlicia StellGrace VanierEric Williamson