Lifting Limits on Thermal AFM

Organization: Applied NanoStructures Inc.
Co-Developer(s): Gary Aden, Principal Developer, Ami Chand, Principal Developer, Jeremy Goeckeritz, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner With the introduction of the VertiSense Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module, Applied NanoStructures Inc. has brought a new level of flexibility to thermal imaging using an atomic force microscope (AFM). The probe module’s sensor design provides, for the first time, absolute and nanoscale temperature measurement during the application of scanning thermal microscopy (SThM), which captures both topographical and thermal images.

The VertiSense probe marks the first time in the field of SThM that AFM operation is compatible with additional modes of AFM operation such as, non-contact, semi-contact (tapping), and the latest method, peak force tapping (PFT), without compromising temperature mapping resolution. This is because the highly sensitive probe isn’t prone to sticking. The nanofabricated probe is equipped with an embedded thermal sensor and an electronic module. The thermal sensor features an industry-leading resolution of just 20 nm, which produces a unique signal amplitude with an output voltage measured in only microvolts. The electronic module has been designed to handle this output. The VertiSense operates up to 700 C and can detect temperature variations of just 0.01 C.

Technology Scanning thermal microscopy module

DevelopersApplied Nanostructures Inc. (App Nano)

Development Team

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Applied Nanostructure Inc.'s VertiSense Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module development team (l-r): Jeremy Goeckertiz, Ami Chand and Gary Aden.












The VertiSense Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module Development Team from Applied NanoStructures Inc. Gary Aden, Principal DeveloperAmi Chand, Principal DeveloperJeremy Goeckeritz, Principal Developer