Rapid Non-contact 3-D Measurements

Organization: Keyence Corp.
Co-Developer(s): Shinya Takahashi, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Contact-type measurement systems are often used to acquire accurate 3-D measurements. However, multiple adjustments, such as probe and sample placements, must be set prior to the measurement function and the user is left with a single data line for future evaluation. Keyence Corp. conceived its VR-3000 Series One-shot 3D Measurement Macroscope as a way to reduce this time investment: It achieves height information data capture in just 5 sec on parts up to 10 mm and has a measurement repeatability of 0.5 ?m. This is a first in non-contact 3-D inspection and measurement.

High performance is obtained by combining three double-telecentric lenses with the Keyence-developed Telecentric Multi-Triangulation (TMT) algorithm and the industry’s largest 4-MP CMOS light receiving element. Structured light bands from the transmitter lens are scattered across the sample surface. When the reflected light is observed from another angle through the receiver lens, height differences on the surface make the bands of light appear distorted. An image of these distortions is captured using the CMOS sensor, and triangulation calculations are performed by TMT to measure the height and position across the entire target surface.

Technology 3-D measurement macroscope

DevelopersKeyence Corp.

Development Team

The VR-3000 Series One-shot 3D Measurement Macroscope Development Team from Keyence Corp. Shinya Takahashi, Principal Developer