Calcium Loop for Carbon Capture

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Co-Developer(s): Ming-Hui Chang, Principal Developer, Wang Chen, Principal Developer, Wei-Cheng Chen, Principal Developer, Jui-Yen Cheng, Principal Developer, Yiang-Chen Chou, Principal Developer, Liang Shih Fan, Principal Developer, The Ohio State Univ., Chin-Ming Huang,
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) isn’t only suitable for new power plants, but more essential in retrofitting existing ones. Because of this retrofitting nature, CCS is regarded by International Energy Agency as the single technology most capable of carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction in the world and could account for more than 20% of global CO2 abatement by 2050. However, state-of-the-art carbon capture technologies are all costly.

Industrial Technology Research Institute’s HECLOT: High efficiency calcium looping technology is a carbon capture technology for fossil power plants and other industrial emission reductions. It loops calcium oxide and calcium carbonate (CaO/CaCO3) in a regenerative cycle to remove carbon dioxide in the post-combustion fumes of boilers. With integrated hydration, the technology has much higher CO2 capture efficiency and, potentially, much lower cost than other technologies.

Moreover, high-temperature operation and a high-quality heat recovery design keep energy consumption in CO2 capture much lower than other processes. The design has been validated in the field by a pilot unit. Based on data from continuous operation, the design can meet the capture cost target of $30/ton of CO2 at a capacity as low as 50 MWe while maintaining electricity generation cost below $80/MWh.

Technology Calcium looping technology for CCS

DevelopersIndustrial Technology Research Institute

Development Team

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Industrial Technology Research Institute's HECLOT: High efficiency calcium looping technology development team. Back row (l-r): Wei-Cheng Chen, Yiang-Chen Chou, Wang Chen, Chin-Ming Huang, Ming-Hui Chang, Cheng-Hsien Shen and Shoung Ouyang. Front row (l-r): Wan-Hsia Liu, Ching-Lin Shieh, Heng-Wen Hsu, Wu-Chi Ho, Chiang-Hsiung Tong, Yie-Su Hu, Chih-Wei Yen and Jui-Yen Cheng.













The HECLOT: High efficiency calcium looping technology Development Team from Industrial Technology Research Institute Ming-Hui Chang, Principal DeveloperWang Chen, Principal DeveloperWei-Cheng Chen, Principal DeveloperJui-Yen Cheng, Principal DeveloperYiang-Chen Chou, Principal DeveloperLiang Shih Fan, Principal Developer, The Ohio State Univ.Chin-Ming Huang, Principal DeveloperWu Chi Ho, Principal DeveloperHeng Wen Hsu, Principal DeveloperYie Zu Hu, Principal DeveloperWan-Hsia Liu, Principal DeveloperShoung Ouyang, Principal DeveloperCheng-Hsien Shen, Principal DeveloperChing Lin Shieh, Principal DeveloperChiang-Hsiung Tong, Principal DeveloperTzeng-Wen Wen, Principal DeveloperChih Wei Yen, Principal Developer