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Organization: SolidEnergy Systems
Co-Developer(s): Qichao Hu, Principal Developer, Jaehee Hwang, Xiaboo Li, Yury Matulevitch, Chaojun Shi, Arun Tiru, Ke Zhang
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner As consumers we are ever more connected these days through tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and smart glasses, while the abundance of apps has made our lives more convenient and interesting. However, the battery in these electronics barely lasts a day.

SolidEnergy SystemsSolid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPiL) rechargeable lithium battery could potentially be the biggest breakthrough in battery technology since Sony introduced the first Li-ion battery in 1991. The rechargeable lithium battery consists of a cathode, electrolyte and anode. The cathode is a high-voltage and high-energy-density metal oxide material such as LiCoO2 and Li-rich NCM materials with Li-ion storage capacity ranging from 155 to 300 mAh/g. The electrolyte consists of a dual-layer design with ionic liquid-based electrolyte on the cathode side and solid polymer electrolyte coating on the anode side. The ionic liquid-based electrolyte consists of a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTIL) that is a molten salt at room temperature, has high Li-ion conductivity and is completely non-flammable and non-volatile; with additives to improve solid electrolyte interphase formation at electrode-electrolyte interfaces and electrolyte wetting. The battery is non-flammable, non-volatile and safer than conventional Li-ion batteries at elevated temperatures. It has a higher energy density than other conventional Li-ion batteries, by 50% compared to graphite anodes, and 30% compared to silicon-based anodes. It also reduces cost by eliminating the separator at the cell level and simplifying the cooling system at the battery pack level.

Technology Battery technology

DevelopersSolidEnergy Systems

Development Team

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SolidEnergy Systems' Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPiL) rechargeable lithium battery development team. Front row (l-r): Ke Zhang, Jaehee Hwang, Chaojun Shi. Back row (l-r): Qichao Hu, Arun Tiru, Yury Matulevitch and Xiaboo Li.













The Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPiL) rechargeable lithium battery Development Team from SolidEnergy Systems Qichao Hu, Principal DeveloperJaehee HwangXiaboo LiYury MatulevitchChaojun ShiArun TiruKe Zhang