A New DDF Engine Conversion Kit

Organization: PTT Public Co. Ltd.
Co-Developer(s): Nirod Akarapanjavit, Principal Developer, Sompach Kongviwattanakul, Pakasit Monnum, Jirut Rhianprayoon, Somchai Siangsanorh, Padol Sukajit, Krisada Wannatong
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner

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Natural gas has been used successfully as an alternative fuel in the transportation sector and spark-ignited engines, and biofuel technology and dedicated gas engine technologies are commercially available. However, no existing applicable technologies are available for diesel engines. There are some conventional diesel dual fuel (DDF) technologies, but the replacement ratio of natural gas of these technologies is lower than 50% of diesel fuel and they face issues of engine efficiency and exhaust emissions.

PTT Public Co. Ltd.’s PTT DIESEL CNG is a new concept for DDF engine conversions which improves the gas engine characteristics by increasing the diesel replacement ratio to 50%, increasing engine efficiency 30% and reducing methane emission 30% compared with conventional technologies. The principle of PTT DIESEL CNG engine control utilizes DF-PCCI (dual fuel premixed charge compression ignition) combustion technology, which precisely controls diesel injection parameters, gas injection parameters, the amount of air and exhaust gas recirculation to provide the mixture for optimum combustion.

PTT DIESEL CNG has three components to convert OEM diesel engine to DDF: The DIESEL CNG ECU controller, the connection box and the harness.

Technology DDF engine conversion kit

DevelopersPTT Public Co. Ltd.

Development Team

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PTT Public Co. Ltd.'s PTT DIESEL CNG development team (l-r): Sompach Kongviwattanakul, Padol Sukajit, Pakasit Monnum, Nirod Akarapanjavit, Somchai Siangsanorh, Krisada Wannatong and Jiru Rhianprayoon.













The PTT DIESEL CNG Development Team from PTT Public Co. Ltd. Nirod Akarapanjavit, Principal Developer Sompach Kongviwattanakul Pakasit Monnum Jirut Rhianprayoon Somchai Siangsanorh Padol Sukajit Krisada Wannatong