Faster Semiconductor Inspections

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Co-Developer(s): Tzung-Te Chen, Principal Developer, Pei-Ting Chou, Principal Developer, Mu-Tao Chu, Principal Developer, Chun-Ting Liu, Principal Developer, Yen Liang Liu, Principal Developer, Chien-Ping Wang, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Thermal resistance or junction temperature is a key parameter for most semiconductor devices, and significantly affects device efficiency and reliability. Measurement of thermal resistance is accomplished in two major steps. The first is the temperature sensitive parameter (TSP) measurement, which displays the correlation between device voltage and temperature, while the second is to measure voltage difference after temperature rise. The process is complex, costly and time consuming.

To help aid in these limitations, Industrial Technology Research Institute developed the ICTA In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer. ICTA technology is a shipping inspection technique used for LED manufacture, mainly in solving the thermal-induced stress in semiconductor devices, improving package design, identifying material properties or estimating facilities lifespan. While existing thermal-resistance analyzers are based on steady-state methods to determine TSP, ICTA is a high-speed TSP measurement using dynamic synchronization technology to analyze thermoelectric signals simultaneously during thermal-transient process. The procedure can be completed in 20 sec, improving the total efficiency of thermal structure analysis by more than a factor of four.

Technology Thermal analyzer

DevelopersIndustrial Technology Research Institute

Development Team

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Industrial Technology Research Institute's ICTA In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer development team. Back row (l-r): Yen-Liang Liu, Chien-Ping Wang, Pei-Ting Chou and Tzung-Te Chen. Front row (l-r): Mu-Tao Chu and Chun-Ting Liu.















The ICTA In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer Development Team from Industrial Technology Research Institute Tzung-Te Chen, Principal DeveloperPei-Ting Chou, Principal DeveloperMu-Tao Chu, Principal DeveloperChun-Ting Liu, Principal DeveloperYen Liang Liu, Principal DeveloperChien-Ping Wang, Principal Developer