Edible Authentication Microtag

Organization: TruTag Technologies Inc.
Co-Developer(s): Michael O'Neill, Principal Developer
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Counterfeiting affects almost every industry, and losses can be heavy: $170 billion in the electronics and semiconductor sector, and $80 billion in the pharmaceutical sector. No one measure can bring a solution to the problem, but better product authentication can help mitigate the risk at a fundamental level. TruTag Technologies Inc. has introduced a new type of high-purity silica microtag that uses unique spectral patterns to encode high-volume products. The microtags differ from conventional tagging solutions in that they are incorporated into the fabric of the product rather than just the packaging. To produce the TruTag Product Authentication Solution, high-purity silicon wafers are used to create uniquely coded microparticles smaller than the width of a human hair. These are applied to the product surface. Highly resistant to heat, sunlight and humidity, the inert silicon dioxide codes can be ingest. For example, a pill can incorporate the tag directly onto its surface, and can be consumed. The spectral code, chosen from a library of millions, can be read and interpreted by portable detectors made by TruTag Technologies. Once the code is verified, it will reveal product genealogy data that is associated with that specific code in a standard database.

Technology Microtag technology

DevelopersTruTag Technologies Inc.

Development Team

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TruTag Technologies' TruTag Product Authentication Solution development team (l-r): Michael O'Neill, Tim Learmonth and Tam Kim.













The TruTag Product Authentication Solution Development Team from TruTag Technologies Inc. Michael O'Neill, Principal DeveloperTam KimTim LearmonthPeter Wong