Driver’s Ed for Self-driving Vehicles

Organization: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): Matthew Cornick, Principal Developer, Byron Stanley, Principal Developer, Will Bartlett, Birol Bekirov, Phillip Davis, Alan Fenn, Ed Froehlich, Paul Greenlee, Jeffrey Koechiling, Edwin LeFave, Janusz Majewski, Larry Retherford, Beija Zhang, Julius Zolotar
Year: 2014

2014 R&D 100 Winner Self-driving vehicles may soon become commonplace on our roads as rapidly advancing sensing technologies converge with the prospect of better passenger safety and traffic efficiency. Though companies such as Google have made great strides in this area of research, current autonomous ground vehicles lack some capabilities, including the inability to sense vehicle position in adverse conditions. Localizing Ground Penetrating Radar (LGPR), introduced by MIT Lincoln Laboratory, can provide this capability using a new class of ground-penetrating radar technology to map underground features that are inherently stable over time. Once mapped, these features act as a reference for future visits. LGPR has three basic functional components: a unique 12-element antenna array, a custom VHF stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and a single-board computer. The 12-dipole GPR has been optimized by Lincoln Laboratory to perform localization functions and the entire system can perform in mapping mode, which generates a GPS-tagged reference database, and tracking mode, which performs localization by periodically retrieving 3-D 50 x 50 m grids from the database. Additional switching and calibration measures make the LGPR well-suited for use in vehicles, where other sensing systems will be active.

Technology Ground penetrating radar

DevelopersMIT Lincoln Laboratory

Development Team

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Localizing Ground Penetrating Radar (LGPR) development team. Front row (l-r): Alan Fenn, Julius Zolotarevsky, Phillip Davis and Edwin LeFave. Second row (lr-R): Birol Bekirov, Beija Zhang and Larry Retherford. Third row (l-r): Janusz Majewski, Paul Greenlee and Jeffrey Koechiling. Fourth row (l-r): Matthew Cornick and Byron Stanley. Back row (l-r): Will Bartlett and Ed Froehlich.




















The Localizing Ground Penetrating Radar (LGPR) Development Team from MIT Lincoln Laboratory Matthew Cornick, Principal DeveloperByron Stanley, Principal DeveloperWill BartlettBirol BekirovPhillip DavisAlan FennEd FroehlichPaul GreenleeJeffrey KoechilingEdwin LeFaveJanusz MajewskiLarry RetherfordBeija ZhangJulius Zolotarevsky