2014 R&D 100 Award Winners

Year: 2014


R&D Magazine 2014 R&D 100 Winners

Press release: R&D Editors Announce 2014 R&D 100 Awards 

The 2014 R&D 100 Award Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the primary developer company.

Primary Developer
2014 R&D 100 Winning Technology (Category)
AdValue Photonics All-Fiber Isolator (Lasers/Photonics)  
Agilent Technologies Agilent Technologies N2820A Series High-Sensitivity, High Dynamic Range Current Probes (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Agilent Technologies Australia (M) Pty Ltd Agilent Cary 7000 Univeral Measurement Spectrophotometer (UMS) and Universal Measurement Accessory (Analtyical Instrumentation)  
Alcoa Inc. Alcoa 951 (Chemicals)  
American Standard The SaTo Hygienic Toilet Pan (Consumer Products)  
Applied NanoStructures Inc. (AppNano) Vertisense Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module (Imaging Technologies)  
Argonne National Laboratory SIS Lithography (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies)  
Argonne National Laboratory NanoFab Lab...in a Box! (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies) EChem Nanowires Educational Foundation Inc.
Argonne National Laboratory Argonne's Advanced Redox Shuttle Additive for Overcharge Protection of Lithium-Ion Batteries Used in Electric Vehicles (Energy)  
Arkansas Power Electronics International Inc. (APEI) High-Performance Silicon Carbide-based Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Charger (Energy) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Univ. of Arkansas Toyota Research Institute of North America Cree Inc. Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy
Brookhaven National Laboratory GammaScout (Beam Instruments) Korea Univ.
Bruker Nano Surfaces LumiMap (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies)  
Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC ELYRA P.1 with 3D PALM (Imaging Technologies)  
CEM Corp. Liberty Blue Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer (Laboratory Equipment)  
Clean Filtration Technologies LLC, a Dow Chemical Company TEQUATIC PLUS Fine Particle Filter (Environmental Technologies) The Dow Chemical Company
Crystal Solar Inc. Direct Gas to Wafer Epitaxial System (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies) National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Daimler AG NANOSLIDE (Process Science) Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH 
Dow AgroSciences LLC Transform WG Insecticide and Closer SC Insecticide with Isoclast Active (Chemicals)  
Dow Europe GmbH BETAMATE 1630 Structural Adhesive (Chemicals) The Dow Chemical Company Dow Automotive Systems
EMD Millipore Clarisolve (Laboratory Equipment)  
EMD Millipore SmartFlare RNA Detection Probes (Life Sciences)  
Excellims Corporation IA3100 HPIMS HPLC Detector (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Filter Sensing Technologies Inc. RF-DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Sensor (Environmental Technologies) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Green Theme Technologies LLC The ChemStik Technology (Chemicals) Under Armour Inc.
Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd Hitachi Cs-Sr simultaneous adsorbent (Environmental Technologies) Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd.
Hysitron Inc. xSol (Mechanical Systems)  
Hysitron Inc. Hysitron Biomechanical Test Instrument (Confocal TriboScope) (Imaging Technologies)  
Idaho National Laboratory Advanced Electrolyte Model (AEM) (Software)  
Idaho National Laboratory Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) (Software)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) HECLOT: High-efficiency calcium looping technology (Environmental Technologies)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) ICTA: In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer (Imaging)  
Industrial Test Systems Inc. eXact iDip photometer (Laboratory Equipment)  
INFICON Micro GC Fusion (Laboratory Equipment)  
INFICON Stripe CDG (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies)  
Janssen Research & Development LLC SIRTURO (bedaquiline) (Life Sciences)  
JFE Steel Corporation JFE-TF1 (Materials)  
Kansas State Univ., SMART Laboratory Li-Foil Neutron Detectors (Beam Instruments) Saint-Gobain Crystals
KEYENCE Corp. VR-3000 Series One-shot 3-D Measurement Macroscope (Imaging Technologies)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Tissue-Specific Cell-Wall Engineering for Biofuels and Biomaterials (Life Sciences)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory BioSig3D (Life Sciences)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley Lab Multiplex Chemotyping Microarray (Life Sciences)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Convergent Polishing: Rapid, Simple, Low Cost Finishing of High Quality Glass Optics (Process Science)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Superconducting Tunnel Junction X-Ray Spectrometer (Analytical Instrumentation) STAR Cryoelectronics LLC
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory microTLC (Laboratory Equipment) Field Forensics Inc.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Extreme-power Ultra-low-loss Dispersive Element (EXUDE) (Lasers/Photonics) Lockheed Martin Laser and Sensor Systems Advanced Thin Films
Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X (Imaging Technologies) Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Los Alamos National Laboratory SAFIRE (Environmental Technologies) Chevron ETC GE Measurement & Control
Los Alamos National Laboratory Acoustic Wavenumber Spectrometer (AWS) (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Mettler Toledo XPE205 Excellence Analytical Laboratory Balance (Laboratory Equipment)  
Milliken & Company ASSIST Silver (Life Sciences) Milliken Healthcare Products LLC
Milliken & Company iQ Series Comfort Knit/Amplitude G2 Flame Resistant Fabric (Materials) Bulwark FR
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Haystack Ultrawideband Satellite Imaging Radar (HUSIR) (Communications) Simpson Gumpertz and Heger Inc. Communications & Power Industries
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lunar Laser Communication System (LLCS) (Communications) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
MIT Lincoln Laboratory High-Capacitance Radio-Frequency Curled Microelectromechanical Switch (CMEMS) (Communications) Innovative Micro Technology
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Wide-Area Chemical Sensor (WACS) (Analytical Instrumentation)  
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Airborne Sense and Avoid (ABSAA) Radar Panel (Safety & Security)  
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Localizing Ground Penetrating Radar (LGPR) (Communications)  
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Sensor-less Servo Drive Unit FR-E700EX Series & Sensor-less Motor MM-GKR (Mechanical Systems)  
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation MELFA-3D Vision (Mechanical Systems)  
Monsanto Genuity DroughtGard Hybrids (Environmental Technologies)  
NASA Glenn Research Center Therma-Base (Electrical Devices) Thermacore Inc.
NASA Glenn Research Center Superelastic Intermetallic Nickel Titanium Alloys and Manufacturing Techniques for Advanced Bearing Applications (Materials) Abbott Ball Company
National Renewable Energy Laboratory HP Apollo Platform for High-Performance Computing (Information Technologies) Hewlett-Packard Company
neoSurgical neoClose (Life Sciences)  
NinePoint Medical NinePoint Medical NvisionVLE Imaging System (Life Sciences) Farm Design Inc.
Novilytic Noviplex Plasma Collection Card (Life Sciences)  
Novinda Corporation Amended Silicates HgX (Environmental Technologies)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Portable Aluminum Deposition System (PADS) (Process Science) United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) Univ. of Mississippi
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Ionic liquid anti-wear additives for fuel-efficient engine lubricants (Chemicals) General Motors Research and Development Center Shell Global Solutions (US) Lubrizol Corporation
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Continuously Variable Series Reactor (CVSR) (Energy) SPX Transformer Solutions Inc. University of Tennessee
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Diagnosis Using the Choas of Computing Systems (DUCCS) (Information Technologies)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory iSPM: Intelligent Software Suite for Personalized Modeling of Expert Opinions, Decisions, and Errors in Visual Examination Tasks (Software)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Super-hydro-tunable HiPAS membranes (Materials)  
OSRAM GmbH ITOS PHASER 3000 Light Module (Lasers/Photonics) OSRAM SYLVANIA T.Q. Technology Co. Ltd.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory SALVI: System for Analysis at the Liquid Vacuum Interface (Analtyical Instrumentation)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Solar Thermochemical Advanced Reactor System (STARS) (Energy) DiverSolar LLC
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Glyph (Consumer Products) Avegant Corporation
PTT Public Company Ltd PTT DIESEL CNG (Energy)  
Sandia National Laboratories Triplet-Harvesting Plastic Scintillators (THPS) (Beam Instruments) Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc. Univ. of California, Riverside
Sandia National Laboratories GOMA 6.0 (Software) Gillette/P&G Drexel Univ. Google 3M Corporate Research Process Lab Univ. of New Mexico Prism Software
Sandia National Laboratories BaDx (Life Sciences) Univ. of New Mexico
Siemens Corporation syngo.CT Bone Reading (Imaging Technologies) Siemens AG H IM CR
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology Flexure-based Electromagnetic Linear Actuator (Mechanical Systems)  
SolidEnergy Systems Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPIL) Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Energy Systems)  
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Dedicated-EGR (D-EGR) (Mechanical Systems)  
Stanford Univ. Foldscope (Imaging Technologies)  
Stratos Product Development Passive Vaccine Storage Devices (Life Sciences) Intellectual Ventures Labs/Global Good
Texas Instruments LDC1000 Inductance-to-Digital Converter (Electrical Devices)  
Texas Instruments bq25570 nanopower boost charger with integrater buck (Electrical Devices)  
The Dow Chemical Company NEPTUNE subsea insulation system (Materials) Dow Infrastructure Comfort Energy Efficiency Dow Oil, Gas and Mining
The Dow Chemical Company Preferred RCS Garnet 2.0 resin coated sand utilizing Dow's TERAFORCE technology (Materials) Preferred Sands Dow Polyurethanes
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Scientific Delta Ray Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Scientific Dionex ERS 500 Electrolytically Regenerated Suppressor (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Scientific RIIDEyeX (Beam Instruments)  
Toyota Technical Center Automotive Phased Array Radar (Communications) Univ. of California, San Diego Toyota Motor Corp. Michigan Technological Research Institute Fujitsu-Ten
TruTag Technologies Inc. TruTag Product Authentication Solution (Communications)  
United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) EcoTuff (Chemicals) Pratt & Whitney 3M Corp.
Univ. of Central Florida Intellipigment (Safety & Security) HySense Technology LLC NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center
Waters Corporation CORTECS Columns (Laboratory Equipment)  
Yokohama Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd Plasmon-Excitation Optical Scanning Probe Microscope (Optical SPM) (Imaging Technologies)