Enviro-Prime EPIC Electrocoat with Organic Catalyst

Organization: PPG Industries
Year: 2016
Award Level: Silver

For more than 50 years, electrocoat coatings have been used in the global automotive industry to provide unmatched corrosion protection for metal bodies and parts and to serve as a primer layer for subsequent decorative coatings. These water-based, environmentally-friendly coatings offer the ultimate in corrosion and chemical resistance and serve as the benchmark for primer performance. Practically every commercial automobile manufacturer in the world uses electrocoat coatings to protect their vehicles. PPG recently introduced its innovative Enviro-Prime EPIC Electrocoat with Organic Catalyst—a next-generation, organically-catalyzed product that provides excellent corrosion protection, facilitates optimized appearance and helps save money in the production processes while significantly reducing the overall environmental impact. Concerned with ever-increasing environmental regulations and with a desire to enhance product sustainability without relying on metal-based catalysts, PPG invested significant effort in the creation of a novel and proprietary organic metal-free catalyst system that permits the electrocoat to cure without the use of tin-based compounds while enhancing its overall performance.

Enviro-Prime EPIC Electrocoat with Organic Catalyst by PPG Industries received the Special Recognition: Green Tech, Silver Award.