Bio-YIELD Beneficial Microbial Inoculant System

Organization: Ohio Soybean Council
Co-Developer(s): 3Bar Biologics Inc., The Ohio State University
Year: 2016
Award Level: Honorable

Improved biologic products for agriculture addresses one of the most critical issues facing our existence: how to increase food production by 100% over the next 30 years with less available farmland and with less negative impact on the environment. Biologics in agriculture can be used to decrease our dependence on synthetic chemicals and improve quality and yield of crop plants.  But these living products cannot work well if they are not viable and living at the point of use. 

The Bio-YIELD Microbial Inoculant System is activated on-farm to deliver the freshest and most viable biologic product in the world. This novel approach opens the potential for commercialization of numerous beneficial microbes proven in research but never before available in a viable state commercially.

The Bio-YIELD Microbial Inoculant System by Ohio Soybean Council received the Special Recognition: Green Tech, Merit Award.