Wireless Power Transfer Based Electric and Plug-In Vehicle Charging System with Both Stationary and Dynamic Charging Capabilities

Organization: Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America
Co-Developer(s): Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Cisco Systems International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC)
Year: 2016
Award Level: Bronze

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is a paradigm shift in Plug-in and electric-vehicle (EV) charging that offers the consumer an autonomous, safe, and convenient option to conductive charging and its attendant need for cables. The radio communication sub-system makes it fully autonomous and non-contacting; therefore issues with leakage currents, ground faults, and touch potentials do not exist. It also eliminates the need for touching the heavy, bulky, dirty cables, plugs, for fear of forgetting to plug-in and tripping hazards in public parking lots and in highly populated areas, as well. The achieved power level of 20kW is 3-5 times higher than existing charging system can do, which enables faster charging and dynamic charging feature. The team’s approach to WPT charging places strong emphasis on radio communications in the power-regulation feedback channel augmented with software-control algorithms. The over-arching goal for WPT is minimization of vehicle on-board complexity by keeping the secondary side content confined to coil tuning, rectification, filtering, and interfacing to the regenerative energy-storage system (RESS).

Wireless Power Transfer by Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America received the Special Recognition: Green Tech, Bronze Award.