Battelle NeuroLife

Organization: Battelle
Year: 2016
Award Level: Gold

The BATTELLE NeuroLife high resolution, non-invasive neuromuscular electrical stimulation system provides electrical stimulation to the muscles in exactly the right patterns to move the limb. In the current configuration, the system provides fine motor movements for the hand and wrist. The system translates the user’s intentions to move his or her wrist and fingers into evoked movements that smoothly combine stimulated wrist and finger movements with voluntary shoulder and elbow movements. Brain signals are recorded using a commercially-available electrode array, implanted in the motor cortex of the paralyzed person’s brain. The system continuously decodes the signals using machine-learning-based algorithms to infer movement intent. A custom neuromuscular electrical stimulator is then used to re-encode the decoded signals in real time, sending them as electrical pulses to the muscles in the forearm via a cuff.

Product BATTELLE NeuroLife by Battelle received the Special Recognition: Corporate Social Responsibility, Gold Award.