The CIRRIS XI Inspection Robot and CIRRIS XR Repair Robot

Organization: ULC Robotics
Co-Developer(s): U.K. Gas Network, SGN and ULC Robotics Inc.
Year: 2016
Award Level: Gold

The CIRRIS XI and CIRRIS XR Robotic System is a groundbreaking, innovative robotic technology for the gas utility industry. The complete robotic system consists of the CIRRIS XI Inspection Robot, the CIRRIS XR Repair Robot, the highly specialized launch system and the support and control system. The robotic system was specifically developed to inspect and repair large diameter cast iron gas mains to avoid the tremendous cost and disruption associated with pipeline replacement. Instead of digging up the roads, the robots are launched vertically through a specialized launch tube system into the live gas main. This specialized launch requires just one small excavation in the street, which allows the robots to travel up to 1,200 feet (600 feet in either direction) to assess the structural integrity of the pipe and renew leak prone joints. Compared to traditional methods of renewing pipeline joints and external pipeline assessments - both of which require extensive excavation and disruption to the public - the deployment of the CIRRIS XI and CIRRIS XR Robotic System reduces excavation and traffic delays, minimizes impact on communities, eliminates customer interruption and the interruption of gas service, and prevents repetitive, future maintenance.

The CIRRIS XI and CIRRIS XR Robotic System by ULC Robotics received the Special Recognition: Market Disruptor- Products, Silver Award.