Soy-PK Reactive Oligomer Cross-Linker Resin

Organization: Ohio Soybean Council
Co-Developer(s): Redwood Innovations, L.L.C., Battelle Memorial Institute
Year: 2016
Award Level: Honorable

The Soy-PK Reactive Oligomer Cross-Linker Resin offers novel features with major impacts for the coating industry. The patent-pending resin, based on a robust platform technology, offers a cost-effective, safe, and practical solution to replace BPA-based epoxy coatings that have been under pressure due to the known mutagenicity health hazard. 

In-house and customer evaluations have proven the performance of the Soy-PK resin is comparable to current epoxy and phenolic coatings and outperforms commercial bio-based resins. Coating formulators and end users that have evaluated the Soy-PK resin noted excellent coating performance.  Evaluation and optimization of specific coatings based on Soy-PK resin are very active and early commercialization is expected.

The Soy-PK Reactive Oligomer Cross-Linker Resin by Ohio  Soybean Council received the Special Recognition: Green Tech, Merit Award.