Precision High-Power Battery Tester

Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Co-Developer(s): Arbin Instruments, Ford Motor Co., Montana Tech
Year: 2016
Award Level: Honorable

Global interest in electrified vehicles and grid storage has been sparked both by environmental concerns and the promise of lithium ion batteries to meet these long-life, high power energy storage needs. But the mass adoption of batteries for these applications depends heavily on rapid battery performance improvements. By detecting minute signatures of battery degradation trends earlier, the Precision High Power Battery Tester provides valuable insights into the long-term future of a battery, allowing engineers to sort promising technology ready for new products from concepts that need additional refinement in the lab. Thus, this tester has the potential to dramatically accelerate the rate of battery technology development to help meet the growing worldwide demand for long-life automotive and stationary batteries – and, ultimately, usher in a new era of green technology.

Precision High Power Battery Tester by Sandia National Laboratories received the Special Recognition: Green Tech, Merit Award.