Organization: Philips Ultrasound
Year: 2016
Award Level: Gold

Philips Ultrasound's new digital health approach to ultrasound brings together off-the-shelf compatible phones and tablets, a mobile application, advanced transducer innovations, integrated connectivity and support services to help healthcare providers enable fast, early intervention whenever care is needed. Available with a novel monthly subscription, Lumify allows providers and institutions to scale their imaging solution to meet their needs and environment. In a few quick steps, users can go from downloading the Lumify app to plugging a Philips transducer into their compatible device to scanning a patient. 

The Lumify solution embodies several technology breakthroughs delivered by the Philips Ultrasound R&D organization. These include: micro-beamforming advances, miniaturization,  and power/heat/weight reduction. Creation of a mobile app to drive the device was made possible by innovations in UI design as well as creative solutions to support external connectivity and enable a subscription service using Philip’s Health Suite Digital Platform. Therefore, there is no compromise in core performance, ease of use, or ergonomic friendliness of the Lumify solution.

Lumify by Philips Ultrasound received the Special Recognition:? Market Disruptor - Products, Gold Award.